Commercial Projects

Duvall Commons, Duvall, WA:

This is a 3 building project with wetland mitigation and stream protection work at one side of the property.  These buildings are wood frame with multiple exterior finishes.

Mountain View Plaza, Everett, WA:

This is a 2 building project with masonry walls and steel frame roof system.The site development included an underground storm water detention tank and filtration vault.

Juanita Village Retail, Kirkland, WA:

This is an 8,000 SF retail building with 8 different floor levels due to the slopes at 3 sides of the building.  Each tenant space has to have a level entry for ADA compliance.  This building is part of a major mixed use redevelopment project near Juanita Bay in Kirkland.

Kelsey Road Station, Monroe, WA:

This is a 22,000 SF retail building with masonry walls and steel frame roof system with multiple exterior finishes.  The site storm system includes filtration catch basins and filter beds to return the storm water back into the ground.

Bremerton Retail, Bremerton, WA:

This project is 18,000 SF retail with completely wood frame building system and stucco exteriors.  This project included the site development work for all 3 buildings.  The Azteca restaurant was built by their Owner/Contractor.

City Hall project, Poulsbo, WA:

I represented the City as a Construction Manager for the construction of their new City Hall project.  This is a 30,000 SF building with 1-1/2 levels of underground parking structure and 3 floors of office and Council Chambers.  The project was amended to include the Police Department on the main floor.

Redmond Storage, Redmond, WA:

82,000 SF Steel and Concrete Storage facility at Redmond, WA.